We create and design LED light systems for poultry farms.

Every single component of our lighting systems is studied by our research department, in order to offer you our best products. Please do not hesitate to contact us: we will be able to suggest you the better choice for your breeding.

Poultry Led Lomar numbers, the right lighting system for poultry farms

A complete led lights system

A complete kit, easy to install which includes led lights, the control unit, cables and supports.

For special uses

Our systems respect the animals’ sleep-awake cycle, improving their life and their health and you can save your money and increase the productivity.

Eco friendly

Our systems are able to reduce the temperatures in the henhouse, they can last 10 times more and they use less than 1/3 energy. Our led lights are low impact lights.

Have you got a breeding?

Have a look at our web site and find out the right lighting choice for your breeding!